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Road Signs Direct offer a complete range of standard TSRGD road signs to UK specifications.

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Chapter 8 - Traffic Management Products

Road Signs Direct supply a complete selection of Chapter 8 products including barriers, cones, temporary frame signs and reflective vehicle livery kits.

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Custom road signs made to any design, including custom colours, fonts and logos. Simply type in the text you need or upload your own road sign design and we'll print it for you.

We've supplied custom road signs for shops, weddings, art galleries and even the Olympics.

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Traffic Cones and Barriers

Traffic cones and barriers to provide safety to your worksite. Ideal for use in heavy traffic, motorway contraflow systems, lane delineation and parking control at events.

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Fully Approved

Quality is assured on all our signs. Our road signs are fully approved for use on UK roads. Manufactured with high-quality, long-lasting 3M inks and vinyls to BS EN12899-1; 2007. All signs are CE marked and fully guaranteed.

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We are a trusted signage supplier to councils, highways contractors large and small, maintenance companies and more. We offer international delivery on most products. We aim to ship our road signs between 7 to 10 working days.

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We are so sure you’ll be happy with your road signs that we offer a 2 - year refund or replace policy on any manufacturing defect. For further details please see our Conditions of Sales and Money Back Guarantee documents.

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Countdown marker to railway or tramway level crossing
(TSRGD: 789)
Road unsuitable for heavy goods vehicles
(TSRGD: 820)
300 yards to a roundabout or the next point at which traffic may leave a primary route
(TSRGD: 825)
Vehicle and Operator Services Agency check point ahead
(TSRGD: 832.11)
Additional traffic lane joining from the left ahead
(TSRGD: 868.1)
Explanatory plate for tramcar and bus and cycle only route signs
(TSRGD: 953.2)
Bus lane on road at junction ahead
(TSRGD: 962)
Parking place for buses
(TSRGD: 969)
Historic castle tourist attraction 10 miles ahead
(TSRGD: 2209)
Direction to public toilets with facilities for disabled people
(TSRGD: 2323)
The number of a route for pedal cycles forming part of a national cycle route network
(TSRGD: 2602.2)
End of temporary diversion route
(TSRGD: 2702)
Direction to Vehicle and Operator Services Agency testing station for goods vehicles
(TSRGD: 2802)
10 miles to the next motorway service area
(TSRGD: 2918)
Drivers should keep a distance of two chevron markings from the vehicle in front
(TSRGD: 2933)
Vehicles may not pass the temporary traffic signals when the red light is shown
(TSRGD: 7011)
Nature of work being done by vehicle working on the highway
(TSRGD: 7404)
Right Arrow (Yellow)
frame sign example 8
50 yards to junction ahead controlled by a GIVE WAY sign
(TSRGD: 503)
Blind pedestrians likely to cross road ahead
(TSRGD: 547.4)
Warning of light signals in the vicinity of a fire station
(TSRGD: 563.1)
Entry to pedestrian zone restricted except for permit holders
(TSRGD: 618.2)
Vehicles exceeding the gross displayed weight are prohibited from crossing the bridge or structure
(TSRGD: 626.21)
Countdown marker to railway or tramway level crossing
(TSRGD: 789)
No through road for vehicular traffic in direction indicated from junction ahead
(TSRGD: 817)
Road unsuitable for long vehicles
(TSRGD: 820)
300 yards to a roundabout or the next point at which traffic may leave a non-primary route
(TSRGD: 825)
Goods vehicles may be directed to leave the motorway at the junction ahead
(TSRGD: 832.3)
Number of lanes of traffic lanes ahead on a dual carriageway reduces from three lanes to two. Traffic in the right hand lane must move into the lane on the immediate left
(TSRGD: 872.1)

Road signs ordered easily & delivered quickly.

Welcome to Road Signs Direct, a leading road sign supplier. We offer a quick and easy way to buy road signs, with simple ordering and fast deliveries.

You will not find cheaper, fully approved road signs for sale online.

Quality is assured on all our metal road signs as we only work to BS EN 12899-1; 2007. As a result, performance lives of up to 12 years can be expected, covering you for any failure against shrinkage, peeling, cracking or UV light fading. UK road signs for sale through our website are CE marked where appropriate and fully guaranteed with our 2 year refund or replace policy.