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20mph when lights flash

Proven to reduce average vehicle speeds by 9 mph and child accident rates by 60%

Establish 20mph traffic calming at critical periods for child safety around the beginning and end of the school day without disrupting traffic at other times.

  • Create a prominent warning to drivers of the advisory 20mph limit
  • LED’s enhance visibility, reduce power consumption and have a lifespan in excess of 100,000 hours
  • Electronics are fully encapsulated within the sign creating a single resilient unit

Activation is automatically controlled by Microtima’s Bluetooth enabled Series 5 and 6 Timers, removing health and safety risks and significantly reducing programming time.

Designed to meet the Highways Agency TR2136 specification and IP65 rated.

600mm speed limit diagram 670 (available in any speed in with red, green or black) with LED corner lights. Integrated Bluetooth Series 5 Timer fo annual programming.

* "An analysis of the change in speed and change in accidents was carried out for the 14 zones that had the relevant data on 'before' and 'after' vehicle speeds. The average reduction in mean speed was about 9mph and the average reduction in injury accident frequency was about 60%... similar to those reported in TRL 215 (Webster and Mackie, 1996) who found that national averages were a speed reduction of 9.3 mph and injury accident reduction of 58%."
Review of 20mph zones in London Boroughs by D C Webster and R E Layfield - Full report.

20mph When Lights Flash Sign - Bluetooth Programmable Timer
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