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Solar panels for road traffic applications.

For locations where connecting a mains supply is expensive or problematic, all of our Safer Routes to School and Vehicle Activated Sign products can be adapted for solar power.

Our school patrol signal, for example, can be powered by a 30w solar set. The battery buffer system provides up to 4 hours per day of activation time for up to 5 days by - even with no direct sunlight.

Our solar panel sets are supplied with a post mounting bracket, 22Ah battery, battery trickle charger and battery box.

As the panels are designed for use with our safer routes to school and vehicle activated sign products, which all utilise low power consumption LED technology, the 30w panel will be suitable in the vast majority of cases.

Panel dimensions 520mm width, 360mm length, 50mm depth. Panel weight 3.9kg.

Supplied with 22Ah battery, post-mounting bracket and battery box.

School Patrol Signal
Provides power for up to 4 hours a day of continuous operation for up to 5 days without sunlight.

30w Solar Panel Kit - Not Applicable
Standard Delivery Time
5 to 7 working days