Here 24,859 miles sign, for London artists Thomson & Craighead.

Here 24,859 Road Sign

One of our more unusual jobs recently was to produce a road sign for London artists Thomson & Craighead, for part of an exhibition at the Carroll/Fletcher Gallery.

NEVER ODD OR EVEN is the first survey of Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead’s work in the UK. The artists appropriate and manipulate video footage, You Tube clips, computer games, and Twitter and other real time web data into installations, video works and projections, often with sound and text. Political and social themes are explored through technology to reformulate human questions for contemporary times.

The sign shows the distance back to Here, the very same spot, when pointed on a North/South axis. 24,859 miles of course being the longitudinal diameter of Earth.

Image provided courtesy of the artists and Carroll/Fletcher Gallery.

Arrow signs like this can be customised and purchased online with Road Signs Direct.

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Vinyls received today, no problems.

MR D BELL, Avondale - - 1 Feb 13