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Clips (all sizes): available separately here.
Triangular Road Sign


  • Composite Aluminium Substrate:
  1. Dibond® Traffic is an aluminium composite sheet produced by 3A, which has a 0.3mm aluminium skin, and a UV resistant polyethylene core.
  2. The nature of Dibond® Traffic makes it ideal for achieving distortion free road signs. And the stove enamelled finish will ensure excellent adhesion.
  3. 3A have also issued a 12 year warranty against product failure.
  4. It has been tested by Bollhoff to use with their riveting system and can be processed using a variety of techniques, including shearing, sawing, punching and folding. Dibond® Traffic is fully recyclable and is compliant with ISO 9001, ensuring continuous high quality, due to the extended inspection program 3A enforce. Dibond® Traffic is the only ACM that has been tested and approved by the BSI to EN 12899 and satisfies the clauses relating to impact and corrosion resistance
  • 3mm Aluminium Substrate:
  1. 3 mm (11 gauge) aluminium alloy in full compliance with BS EN 12899-1:2007 (standard for permanent traffic signs)

Reflective Material

Modern traffic signs are faced with a long-lasting plastic material that is usually retroreflective. Retro-reflectivity is achieved either by incorporating glass beads into the material, or by moulding tiny prisms into the plastic, and are therefore known as glass bead or micro-prismatic.

Class RA1 refers to the lowest grade of retroreflective material, sometimes known as Engineer Grade. Classes RA2 and RA3 refer to tables NA.1A and NA.1B in the UK Annex and relate to products that have a European Technical Approval (ETA) to one of these classes.

Delivery and Lead Times

Usually delivered in 7 to 10 working days.


Price Model
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Price Request

Request a price and we'll email you a quote - usually the same working day. Or call our sales office on 0191 230 4411.
  • Dimensions (or x-height) if known
  • Mounting (e.g. post required, existing post or wall mounted)
  • Vinyl specification if known 
  • Details like the speed of the road and if the sign will be on public/private land can help us quote for a suitable specification

Related Products

89mm Diameter Straight Post
89mm Diameter Straight Post - 3.5m, Galvanised

The item for sale here is 89mm diameter with a 3.2mm wall thickness.

Fully galvanised to prevent rust and corrosion.

Can be powder coated to any RAL colour. Please contact us for details.

Usually delivered in 1-2 working days for galvanised items. Painted posts can take 3-5 working days.


Standard Delivery Time
1-2 working days
Road Sign Post Clips
Road Sign Post Clips - 50mm

If you intend to mount a road sign to a new or existing post, you'll need road sign clips.

Road signs for post mounting come with channel section on the reverse.

Clips come in pre-determined diameters for circular posts. One end of the clip slides into the channel, the other is then bolted in place around the post. 

Mounting road signs to posts with channel section clips is very easy and only requires a spanner for an M6 bolt.

Road sign clips priced per single clip. 


Standard Delivery Time
Next day delivery
Welded Base Plate Post (flange plate post) - 76mm diameter shaft
Welded Base Plate Post (flange plate post) - 76mm diameter shaft - 1.0m, Black

Welded-based post for road signs where the surface is unsuitable for posts with concrete foundations.

Post Details:
Material - 3mm steel
Length - 1 to 3.5 meters (all posts above 3 meters are non stock items and will incur a 14 day lead time
Diameter - 76mm
Base Pad - 300mm square, 10mm steel
Colour - Black or Traffic Grey (any other RAL colour please request price)

Post with a welded-flange-bottom for drilling into the ground (no screws provided).

We accept no responsibility for improper installation of signs or posts. Ensure you check this post is suitable for the location and wind-loading requirements with a qualified person before installing.

Standard Delivery Time
3 working days (for black and grey stock options)
Wide-based Post - 76mm shaft
Wide-based Post - 76mm shaft - 4.0m, Galvanised


Root Mounted Column:

• Column Length: 4 to 7 meters
• Column Diameter: 76mm
• Root Length: 800mm 
• Root Diameter: 140mm 
• Cable Slot in Root: 150mm x 75mm 
• Door Aperture: 500mm x 100mm

***Length selected includes root***


Standard Delivery Time
5 working days

Fully Approved

  • Meets or exceeds BS EN 12899-1; 2007 and UK highways regulations
  • CE marked - a legal requirement for UK road signs
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 controlled environment
  • Fully guaranteed for 2-years with our refund or replace policy

Long Lasting

Manufactured using 3mm aluminium, stainless steel and only the best quality 3M inks and vinyls. Performance lives of up to 12 years can be expected.

Customisable Road Signs

Choose from multiple sizes, mounting options and vinyl specifications. If you need to change the details on the sign just let us know if in the customer notes!

Delivery and Lead Times

Usually delivered in 7 to 10 working days - please contact us for our latest lead times during the COVID period

Prices shown are exclusive of VAT, calculated during the checkout process. 


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