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Ice Guardian

The Ice Guardian Sign Range

The Ice Guardian uses the latest LED technology with no moving parts. This creates a far more visible warning sign.

The sign is in the form of an ISO standard ice crystal warning logo with ultra-bright blue LEDs located at the 6 points. These flash when the air temperature approaches freezing. Available with fixings for both post and wall mount. The ice warning sign has built-in batteries so requires no mains power connection. The patent protection design also allows the batteries to last 2-3 years. Easy installation – no wires, no mess, no fuss.

Using super bright LED technology the Ice Guardian sign, grabs attention by enabling the flash to be seen in the users peripheral vision. The Ice Guardian sign is manufactured in such a way that it can be easily mounted on both a post and on a wall, depending on the client’s requirements.

Minimum maintenance is required just replace the batteries every few years depending on the harshness of the winter season.


The Ice Guardian warning sign is a necessity for all companies to whom want to minimise the risk of ice related accidents on their sites, influencing both pedestrians and drivers to take more care in icy conditions. The Ice Guardian sign is generally used for off-highway applications including: quarry sites, campuses, car parks, oil rigs etc. They may be used to warn traffic as well as pedestrians.

How It Works

The sign has been designed to minimise power consumption. The low power footprint of the sign combined with advanced power management results in the sign requiring just 6 AA batteries. The LEDs flash for 30 mS every 2 seconds and power is minimised by switching the sign to sleep mode when not required. The combined effect of these is to give the sign a two to three year life per set of batteries. Batteries can be changed easily when required.